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Mine’s high-performance trading platform is designed for the beginner and built for the expert. Our industry-leading matching engine supports FIX and REST API integration. Access institutional low latency connectivity provided through our collocation services hosted in Tier 4 data centres.


The security architecture that underpins Mine’s platform has protected client funds for the past 6 years without incident. For users who value an enhanced layer of comfort or need to meet compliance, we offer custody and insurance solutions.


With fees as low as 0% and best in class spreads, Mine makes trading digital assets easy. Our simple and intuitive user interface combined with mobile app grants you the power to stay connected to the market.


Mine’s access to deep global liquidity pools means users can execute their strategy with minimal slippage and maximal urgency. We offer AUD and USD pairs across Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

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